Which Roofing Shingles Are The Best Quality?

Choosing the best quality shingle roofing for your home will depend on the climate where you live. In warmer climates, the best quality shingle roofing must withstand high monsoon winds, rain, and extreme heat. Snow from colder climates can put a strain on your home’s roofing materials, so your shingles will need to support the extra weight of snow or ice and withstand lower temperatures.

We recommend lifetime designer shingle roofing because of its overall durability. It requires much less repair and replacement than its shingle roofing competitors. A lifetime designer shingle roof can withstand high winds, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures.

These shingle roofs are fire resistant. Brennan Corp tested GAF’s brand of lifetime designer shingles and found that they provide a high degree of fire protection to the roof deck, and do not slip from their position.

Lifetime designer roofing shingles come in a variety of colors and cuts, making it easy to customize the style of your roof. Certain styles of these roofing shingles can even be cut to create a natural slate look, without the hefty price tag or extra weight on your roof that natural slate normally brings.

Lifetime designer roofing shingles can also be designed and cut to look like wood shake roofing shingles- another expensive natural roofing material. At a fraction of the cost, lifetime designer roofing shingles in the style of wood shake still captures the beauty of hand-split lumber.

These quality roofing shingles add value to your home with their upgraded look and durability, no matter which style or color you choose.

With regular maintenance, as its name indicates, your lifetime designer shingle roof can last the lifespan of your home. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty providing peace of mind should anything go wrong years down the road.

Between the durability and style variety of lifetime designer roofing shingles, you really get the most bang for your buck here. Choosing an expensive-looking style without having to compromise durability is a great benefit this type of shingle roofing provides, no matter where you may live.

Check with your local shingle roofing expert for the best quality roofing shingles for your area.

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