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Understanding the Workmanship Warranty for Your New or Replaced Roof

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When it comes to your home, there may be no other more important structural component than your roof. Think about it. They don’t call a home a “floor under your feet”; they call it a “roof over your head!” All kidding aside, it’s important that the roof over your head give you years of reliable […]


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HOW TO CHOOSE A COMMERCIAL ROOFING COMPANY IN ARIZONA There’s only one thing that stands between your business and the elements, and that’s your roof. It might not be the most glamorous part of your business, but it’s something that you should pay close attention to. If you’re building a new business, or if it’s [...]

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5 Things to Look at Before Deciding on Doing Roof Replacement or Re-Roofing

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Any damage to your home’s roof from age, impact and/or weather and seasonal changes can lead to leaks, mold and other problems that destroy cherished keepsakes and other property. It can also cause a sudden and expensive remediation situation. Yet, you should never make any repair or replacement decisions without first considering the following: Roof […]